There are many ways to connect the pipes along the pipe path, but one of the most important and best ways is to connect the pipe by a piece called a bush. BUSHES IN MODELS There are several types of bushels below:

Cast iron

Another method of bushing classification is bushing size and thickness, which is considered in relation to the route pipes as well as the type of fluid passing and the importance of the pipeline. In general, the thickness and length of the bushings are important because they bear the weight of the pipe.

It is important to note that welding can be used to connect two pipes, but welding costs a great deal, and it is very difficult to separate the pipes to replace and repair the pipeline. In other words, the use of bushing to connect pipes can provide the following benefits:

Convenience in lineage
Convenience in modification
Convenience in switching

Bushings can be made of mannose tubes (the best type of bushing), seam tubes (straight seam) and steel belts which are threaded into the type of mannose tubes and inner wall steel tubes (by universal standards). ) As well as pipes threaded on the outer wall.

Bushes are best plated to prevent corrosion and consequently fluid contamination.

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