A powertrain or electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. One of the most widely used in the industry is the movement of equipment such as gearboxes, conveyors, pumps, workshop cranes. To move.
It should be noted that electromotors are classified according to the number of windings bridges, for example:
• Electromotor 3000 rpm 2 bridges
• Electromotor 1500 rpm 4 bridges
• Electromotor 900 rpm 6 bridges
• Electromotor 1500 rpm 4 bridges
• Electromotor 700 rpm 8 bridges
All electrical equipment, including electromotors, must withstand moisture and impacts during use.
This resistance is called the degree of protection for electric motors Ingress Protection, or so-called IP, which is a two-digit numerical protection. An article about this is included in the articles section of the site.
Generally, electric motors are divided into two categories:
Vertical electromotor
Horizontal Electromotor
Vertical and horizontal electric motors differ in installation model and installation conditions It is important to note that vertical electric motors are divided into two categories.
Vertical electric motors are mostly used in agriculture, pumping stations and fire stations, but horizontal motors are more widely used in industry and are widely used.
One of the most important items in electromotors is the coil, which is the best type of coil, copper coil and the use of aluminum in electromotor coil reduces the quality of the product.
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* To receive and view tables for each category of electric motors, see Horizontal Electromotor And Vertical Motor .