Alloy Rods:

One of the most widely used in the industry is alloy rods, and shafts are alloy rods. Shaft is a piece that has a rotational motion that is used to transmit energy as well as torque, a shaft that is affected by torsion and bending.

Generally, the shafts are divided into three groups:


Used for connecting gears, clutches, and belts. Another is the use of fixed crankshafts that are used to convert rotary energy to linear energy or vice versa.


The shafts that are classified as articulated shafts are angled along the shaft bar. These shafts are used to transmit energy from one shaft to another that is not aligned.

These shafts can be used for milling machines, as well as for industrial machines. One of the things to consider when adjusting articular shafts is the joint angle that should have two equal angular joints.

Bending shafts

It should be noted that the shafts are divided into two types of rust and non-rust which have their own applications in the industry.

These shafts include:

CK-45 shaft

This type of shaft is used because it is rusty in shaft and sheath pumps. This type of shaft is used in shaft and sheath pumps because the shaft does not collide with water.

Stainless steel shaft

This transformer, in contrast to the CK-45 shaft, is resistant to rust and is therefore used in cooling water pumps because the pump shaft is in direct contact with water and must be protected against rust. Stroke resistant.

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