Address: No. 3 – Block 22 –1st Baharan– Shadabad Steel Complex – Tehran, Iran.

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Address: No. 12 – 3st Fath   – Old Road Karaj (Fath Highway) – Tehran, Iran.

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Address: Unit 2 – No. 285 – Yaser Three Way – Niavaran Ave, Tehran, Iran.

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About Us

Folad sanat sanei co. by Hossein Sanei Taheri management, together with qualified technical team and more than tree decade of experience is one of a leader companies in the field of manufacturing, supplying, procuring and supporting technically through consulting services for liquid transmission and water treatment plants. Although the company supplies all kind of seamless, black, well and pump pipes to main projects. As well our expertise is import of all kind of pipes, horizontal and vertical electro-motors from valid domestic and foreign factories. It is proud to cooperate with area water organization and wastewater treatment company, agriculture ministry, army and Khatam al Anbia and …

  • Import

    Folad Sanat Sanei Steel Co. is a one of leader importer of seamless pipes, all types of steel round bars, all types of pumps and electrical motors.

  • Representative

    Folad Sanat Sanei Steel Co. effectively distribute products of domestic factories in the field of valves and fittings as sales representative such as  Nahrab Gostar Eshtehard Company.

  • Production

    The company is active in the production of OLS pumps and shafts and cases. It also has the ability to thread pipes with related devices up to the size of 16 “according API standard.

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API standard

انجمن مواد نفتي آمريكا American Petroleum Institute می باشد که به اختصار API نامیده میشود. قابل ذکر است  این شرکت تنها شركت ملي با بيش از 400 عضو سازماني…

How to make and seamless pipes

لوله های فولادی معمولاً به دو صورت ساخته می شوند: 1- لوله های درزدار(welded pipe)یا لوله با درز جوش: در این روش رول ورق با ضخامت مورد نظر وبر اساس…

What is the iron bar?

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تیرآهن یکی از مهمترین و اساسی ترین پروفیل های مورد استفاده در ساختمانی و بعضی از پرژه های صنعتی میباشد.که به صورت ستون، خرپا، نعل درگاه،…

Representation of domestic factories

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